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There was a time long long ago when Victory Records put out quality hardcore releases by bands like Integrity, The Path of Resistance, and Snapcase as opposed to the rubbish that they’ve been putting out as of late. In fact, the majority of what they release nowadays isn’t even hardcore; it’s closer to BSB (Backstreet Boys) than BFB (Blood for Blood). But if the label were to sign a band that took influence from their early years, I would see Time for Change as an ideal choice. With their debut EP, Profound, they are seeking to revitalize the glory days of metallic hardcore.

The EP kicks off with the track “Time for Change.” It only took mere seconds to realize where the band draws their influences from. With the additional vocal contributions of Mike Sogoff from Earn Your Keep, it was if I were magically transmitted back into the mid-90’s. The guitar riffs are crisp, the breakdowns are heavy, and the drumming pushes the pace of the songs; team them up with shouted screams of vocalist Andy Gomez and you’ve got a junior version of Strife.

A particularly pleasant aspect of Time for Change’s music is the obvious bass-playing; something that has in recent years become more and more rare. The traditional old school flavor bass-plucks are extremely noticeable throughout the EP, particularly worth noting is “Profound.”

Time for Change obviously aren’t pushing the envelope with Profound, but they know their niche and they do it fairly well. “Kick Rocks” is the band at their best - especially the sing-a-long / breakdown combination that closes the song out. I’m sure kids go buck wild for this live and form massive pile-ons.

As a special treat the band has included a cover of “Force of Change,” which is a fairly straight up rendition of the original. Time for Change’s version is noticeably different mostly due to the difference in vocal deliveries. All in all, it’s a respectable cover. - Scene Point Blank


released April 1, 2005


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Time For Change Pomona, California

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